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Andy Lau – Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui (It’s Not a Crime For a Man to Cry)


Zai wo nian shao de shi hou Shen bian de ren shuo bu ke yi liu lei
Zai wo cheng shou le yi hou Dui jing zi shuo wo bu ke yi hou hui
Zai yi ge fan wei bu ting de pai hui
Xin zai sheng ming xian shang bu duan de lun hui
Ren zai ri ri ye ye cheng zhe mian ju shui Wo xin li jiao cui

Ming ming liu lei de shi hou Que wang le yan jing zen yang qu liu lei
Ming ming hou hui de shi hou Que wang le xin li zen yang qu hou hui
Wu xing de ya li ya de wo hen lei
Kai shi jue de hu xi you yi dian nan wei
Kai shi man man xie xia fang wei Man man hou hui Man man liu lei

Nan ren ku ba ku ba ku ba Bu shi zui
Zai qiang de ren ye you quan li qu pi bei
Wei xiao bei hou ruo zhi shen xin sui
Zuo ren he bi GING de na me lang bei*

Nan ren ku ba ku ba ku ba Bu shi zui
Chang chang kuo bie yi jiu yan lei de zi wei
Jiu suan xia yu ye shi yi zhong mei
Bu ru hao hao ba wo zhe ge ji hui Tong ku yi hui
[Bu shi zui]


When I was young, the people next to me said not to cry
After I matured, I said to the mirror I cannot regret
In this range I’m pacing back and forth nonstop
My heart is continuously transmigrating on the brink of life**
I sleep while maintaining a mask day and night; my heart’s strength is becoming overworked

When it’s clearly time to cry, I’ve forgotten how to cry tears from my eyes
When it’s clearly time to regret, I’ve forgotten how to let my heart regret
An invisible pressure is pressing down on me until I’m very tired
Starting to feel that breathing is a little difficult
Start to slowly dismantle my defenses, slowly regret, slowly cry…

It’s not a crime for a man to cry, cry, cry
Even stronger people have the right to be exhausted
If only a broken heart is left behind after laughter
Why must it be so hard to be a person?

It’s not a crime for a man to cry, cry, cry
Sample the flavor of long-withheld tears
Just as falling rain is a kind of beauty
It’s better to hold this opportunity well, and cry once
[It’s not a crime]


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